Creating a Fork

You should work on updates and new features on your own fork of the Well-Architected Labs repository, make the edits and then submit a Pull Request to be merged back into production. A local fork will be your local copy of the Well-Architected Labs repository.

Creating a Fork

  1. Go to the production Well-Architected Labs repository
  2. On the right side of the page, click on the Fork icon Images/fork.png
  3. Select your GitHub account to Fork to Images/fork2.png
  4. You will then have a remote repository of /aws-well-architected-labs Images/directory.png This is effectively your own version of the labs, stored on GitHub

Create a local repository from the Fork

You will create a local copy of the Fork to work on, and make the required edits, his allows you to work locally and view the changes.

  1. Create a directory on your PC to hold the local repository
  2. Change to that directory or navigate to that directory and right click and select Git Bash Here Images/git.png
  3. Replace the repository name (username)/aws-well-architected-labs below with your repository name, and clone it: git clone
  • It will download the repository Images/git2.png
  • You now have your local copy setup & have your own GitHub repository to push to

Create Upstream of fork

You must configure a remote that points to the upstream repository in Git to sync changes you make in a fork with the original repository. This also allows you to sync changes made in the original repository with the fork git instructions

Serve Hugo

After creating your local Fork verify locally

  • Navigate back to the aws-well-architected-labs parent folder

  • Serve the content locally:

     hugo serve -D
  • Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:1313/

Refresh your local Fork from the remote

See the GitHub docs