Updating an Existing Lab

Make the required updates to the content.

  1. Change to your local lab directory aws-well-architected-labs
  2. Navigate to the content folder then to the pillar and lab you are looking to edit (i.e. select the folder of the pillar you are looking to edit: Images/nav.png
  3. Open the portion of the lab you are looking to edit and make the changes

For more information on lab formats and best practices, see the create a new lab section

Verify your edits and/or additions

After making the changes or additions test and verify locally

  • Navigate back to the aws-well-architected-labs parent folder

  • Serve the content locally:

     hugo serve -D
  • Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:1313/

  • Verify the change you made was correct and there were no problems introduced

Push your changes to the remote repository:

Add, Commit and Push your changes to GitHub using the following commands:

    git add -A
    git commit -m "your comment here"
    git push

Please write a descriptive commit message following this guidance. Smaller meaningful commits are better than one large commit with lots of changes

Images/gitcommit.png All your changes will be in the remote repository in GitHub, which can now be merged into the Well-Architected Labs repository

Picture Updates

When you update a lab picture please ensure it had the following:

  • Black boarder
  • Orange box’s to show the item the customer is looking for
  • Role/AccountID hidden using the same colour as the section
  • Image needs to be 800 wide to avoid wrap
  • The description above the image much match the image e.g. if you say use 2688Mb then the picture must have 2688Mb

An example can be seen below:

Step example :

  1. Role name LambdaOrgRole, click Create role: Images/create_role.png