Creating a Pull Request

Create a Pull Request

All the changes are now in your remote repository, let’s do a pull request to merge it into the public Well-Architected Labs repository:

  1. Go to the your GitHub Well-Architected Labs remote repository
    • Make sure you update with your username
  2. Click Pull Request Images/pull.png
  3. Click compare across forks
  4. Select your fork on the right side as head repository Images/pull2.png
  5. Review the changes, and click Create pull request
  6. Edit the info (this is public – be careful and add a brief description of the edit or addition)
    • Make sure to add the label of the Well-Architected Pillar (i.e. COST) Images/pull3.png
  7. Click Create pull request

GitHub provides additional document on forking a repository and creating a pull request.

Thank you for your contribution. The Well-Architected team will receive a notification of the pull request, we will review and commit the change or reach out with any questions.


Clean up your local and remote repositories, delete them if there is not additional work.

  • Go to your remote repository, modify the link:
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down under Danger Zone and click Delete this repository
  • Confirm & click delete
  • Clean up your local repository by deleting the directory created previously