AWS CUR Query Library

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November 2022


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The CUR Query Library is a collection of curated SQL queries to get you started with analyzing your Cost and Usage Report (CUR) data. Cost analysis is unique to each business and these queries are intended to be modified to suit your specific needs. The library will be updated periodically as we build new queries and receive feedback from customers.

CUR queries are provided as is. We recommend validating your data by comparing it against your monthly bill and Cost Explorer prior to making any financial decisions. If you wish to provide feedback on these queries, there is an error, or you want to make a suggestion, please email:

Query Help

The CUR Query Library Help section is intended to provide tips and information about navigating the CUR dataset. We will cover beginner topics like getting started with querying the CUR, filtering query results, common query format, links to public documentation, and retrieving product information. We will also cover advanced topics like understanding your AWS Cost Datasets while working with the CUR data.

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Community contributions are encouraged and welcome. Please follow the Contribution Guide. The goal is to pull together useful CUR queries in to a single library that is open, standardized, and maintained.


Please refer to the CUR Query Library Contributors section.