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CUR Query Library uses placeholder variables, indicated by a dollar sign and curly braces (${ }). ${table_name} and ${date_filter} are common placeholder variables used throughout CUR Query Library, which must be replaced before a query will run. For example, if your CUR table is called cur_table and is in a database called cur_db, you would replace ${table_name} with cur_db.cur_table. For ${date_filter}, you have multiple options. See Filtering by Date in the CUR Query Library Help section for additional details.

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AWS CodeBuild

Query Description

This query provides daily unblended cost and usage information about AWS CodeBuild Usage. The usage amount and cost will be summed.


Please refer to the AWS CodeBuild pricing page for more details.

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      DATE_FORMAT((line_item_usage_start_date),'%Y-%m-%d') AS day_line_item_usage_start_date,
      SUM(CAST(line_item_usage_amount AS DOUBLE)) AS sum_line_item_usage_amount,
      SUM(CAST(line_item_unblended_cost AS DECIMAL(16,8))) AS sum_line_item_unblended_cost
    FROM ${table_name}
    WHERE ${date_filter}
      AND line_item_product_code = 'CodeBuild'
      1, 2, 3, 4, 5
      sum_line_item_unblended_cost DESC;

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CUR queries are provided as is. We recommend validating your data by comparing it against your monthly bill and Cost Explorer prior to making any financial decisions. If you wish to provide feedback on these queries, there is an error, or you want to make a suggestion, please email: