Setup Amazon QuickSight

This will setup Amazon QuickSight, so that users in the Cost Optimization Account can create analysis' and dashboards.

Setup QuickSight for the first time

  1. Log into the console in the Cost Optimization account as an IAM user with the required permissions, go to the Amazon QuickSight console: Images/AWSQuicksight1.png

  2. If you havent used QuickSight before click on Sign up for QuickSight, otherwise skip this step and proceed to Setup QuickSight IAM Policy below: Images/AWSQuicksight2.png

  3. Select the Standard edition, and click Continue: Images/AWSQuicksight3.png

  4. Select the region which should be the same as your CUR file source, Enter your QuickSight account name, Notification email address, select Amazon Athena and click Choose S3 buckets: Images/AWSQuicksight4.png

  5. Select S3 Buckets You Can Access Across AWS, under Use a different bucket enter the CUR bucket name, click Add S3 bucket and click Finish: Images/AWSQuicksights3.png

  6. Click Finish: Images/AWSQuicksight80.png

Setup QuickSight IAM Policy

  1. Go to the IAM Dashboard

  2. Click Policies and select Create Policy: Images/IAMPolicy_editQS.png

  3. Go to JSON Editor. We will add the s3 resource arn:aws:s3:::cost* below the existing s3 bucket. This will allow QuickSight to access any S3 bucket starting with cost, so Cost Optimization users can easily create new datasets without requiring additional QuickSight privileges. Copy the policy given below into JSON editor and Click Next:

Click here for Custom permissions policy

  1. Name your policy to AWSQuickSightS3Policy, add Description and click Create Policy: Images/IAMPolicy_editreview.png

  2. Click AWSQuickSightS3Policy policy to attach it to QuickSight role: Images/awsQSIAM1.png

  3. Go to Policy Usage tab and click Attach: Images/AWSQSIAM2.png

  4. Select AWS QuickSight Service role and click Attach Policy: Images/AWSQSIAM3.png

Congratulations - QuickSight is now setup for your users. The Cost Optimization team can self manage QuickSight, and access to data sets in S3 with the correct bucket name.