Configure Monthly Reports (Optional)

It is possible to enable a CSV version of your summary cost and usage information called “Monthly Report. This is typically used by customers looking to analyze their costs in a spreadsheet format with ease of use. This is part of a legacy feature called “Detailed Billing Reports,” but is used across many organizations for bill validations. Once setup, it will take up to 24 hours to create a file for your most recent bill.

Configure Monthly Reports

  1. Go to the billing dashboard: Images/AWSAcct4.png

  2. Click on Billing Preferences from the left menu: Images/AWSMR1.png

  3. Click Detailed Billing Reports [Legacy] and check the box to turn on this feature. Click Configure S3 Bucket to configure a bucket to store these reports. Images/AWSMR2.png

  4. Enter a unique bucket name, ensure the region is correct, and click Next. Images/AWSMR3.png

  5. Read and verify the policy, this will allow AWS to deliver billing reports to the bucket. Click on I have confirmed that this policy is correct, then click Save: Images/AWSMR4.png

  6. Check off both Monthly Report and Cost Allocation Report and click Save Preferences to complete turning on Monthly Reporting. Images/AWSMR5.png

For more details on the monthly report please take a look here: