View your cost and usage in detail

You can view past and present costs and usage through the console, which also provides more detailed information on cost and usage. We will go through accessing your cost and usage by service, and by linked account (if applicable). We will then drill down into a specific service.

  1. Go to the billing dashboard: Images/AWSBillDetail0.png

  2. Click on Bills from the left menu: Images/AWSBillDetail1.png

  3. Select the Date you require from the drop down menu, by clicking on the menu item: Images/AWSBillDetail2.png

  4. Select Charges by service, where you can dynamically drill down into the specific service cost and usage. Pick your largest cost service and look into the region and line items: Images/AWSBillDetail3.png

  5. Select Charges by account to see cost and usage for each account separately. Select the Account name, then drill down into the specific service cost and usage: Images/AWSBillDetail4.png