Download your monthly cost and usage file

It is possible to download a CSV version of your summary cost and usage information. This can be accessed by a spreadsheet application for ease of use. We will download your monthly usage file and view it.

  1. Go to the billing dashboard: Images/AWSBillDetail0.png

  2. Click on Bills from the left menu: Images/AWSBillDetail1.png

  3. Select the Date you require from the drop down menu, by clicking on the menu item: Images/AWSBillDetail2.png

  4. Click on Download CSV: Images/AWSDownloadBill0.png

  5. It will download a CSV version of the bill you can use in a spreadsheet application. It is recommended to NOT use this data source for calculations and analysis, instead you should use the Cost and Usage Report, which is covered in 200_4_Cost_and_Usage_Analysis . Images/AWSDownloadBill1.png