View your Elasticity

NOTE: This exercise requires you have enabled hourly granularity within Cost Explorer, this can be done by following the instructions here - AWS Account Setup, Step 6 - Enable Cost Explorer. There are additional costs to enable this granularity.

A key part of cost optimization is ensuring that your systems scale with your usage. This visualization will show how your systems operate over time.

  1. Click on Cost Explorer to go back to the default view: Images/AWSElasticity1.png

  2. Click the down arrow to change the period, select 14D and click Apply: Images/AWSElasticity2.png

  3. Click on Monthly and change the granularity to Hourly: Images/AWSElasticity3.png

  4. Click on Bar, then select Line: Images/AWSElasticity4.png

  5. You will now have in depth insight to how your environment is operating. You can see in this example the EC2 Instances scaling every day, you can see a period of large ELB usage, and EC2-Other, which includes charges related to EC2 such as data transfer. Images/AWSElasticity5.png