Create custom EC2 reports

We will now create some custom EC2 reports, which will help to show ongoing costs related to EC2 instances and their associated usage.

  1. From the left menu click Cost Explorer, click Reports, and click and click Monthly costs by service: Images/AWSCustomEC20.png

  2. You will have the default breakdown by Service. Click on the Service filter on the right, select EC2-Instances (Elastic Compute Cloud - Compute) and EC2-Other, then click Apply filters: Images/AWSCustomEC21.png

  3. You will now have monthly EC2 Instance and Other costs: Images/AWSCustomEC22.png

  4. Change the Group by to Usage Type: Images/AWSCustomEC23.png

  5. Change it to a Daily Line graph, then select More filters: Images/AWSCustomEC24.png

  6. click on Purchase Option, select On Demand and click Apply filters, which will ensure we are only looking at On-Demand costs: Images/AWSCustomEC25.png

  7. These are your on-demand EC2 costs, you should setup a report like this for your services that have the highest usage or costs. We will now save this, click on Save as…: Images/AWSCustomEC26.png

  8. Enter a report name and click Save Report >: Images/AWSCustomEC28.png

  9. Now click on the Service filter, and de-select EC2-Instances, so that only EC2-Other is selected: Images/AWSCustomEC29.png

  10. Now you can clearly see what makes up the Other charges, typically these are EBS volumes, Data Transfer and other costs associated with EC2 usage. Click Save as… (do NOT click Save): Images/AWSCustomEC210.png

  11. Enter a report name and click Save Report >: Images/AWSCustomEC211.png

  12. You can access these by clicking on Saved Reports: Images/AWSCustomEC212.png

  13. Here you can see both reports that were saved, note they do not have a lock symbol - which is reserved for AWS configured reports: Images/AWSCustomEC213.png