Getting to know Amazon Cloudwatch

The first step to perform right sizing is to monitor and analyze your current use of services to gain insight into instance performance and usage patterns. To gather sufficient data, observe performance over at least a two-week period (ideally, over a one-month period) to capture the workload and business peak. The most common metrics that define instance performance are vCPU utilization, memory utilization, network utilization, and disk use.

  1. Log into your AWS console via SSO, go to the Amazon CloudWatch service page: Images/CloudWatch01.png

  2. Select EC2 under the Service Dashboard: Images/CloudWatch02.png

  3. Observe the Service Dashboard and all of its different metrics, but focus on CPU Utilization and Network In and Out: Images/CloudWatch03.png

  4. Select one of the EC2 resources by clicking on the little color icon to the left of the resource-id name: Images/CloudWatch04.png

  5. Deselect the EC2 resource and now modify the time range on the top right, click custom and select the last 2 weeks: Images/CloudWatch05.png

  6. Navigate to the CPU Utilization Average widget, click the three dots and launch the View in metrics page. Using the Graphed metrics section try to answer the following questions:

  • a. What is the instance with the highest CPU Average?
  • b. What is the instance with the highest CPU Max?
  • c. What is the instance with the lowest CPU Min?

Images/CloudWatch05.png Images/CloudWatch05.png