Decommission Resources

Decommission resources

Decommission resources automatically

  • Goal: Reduce decommission costs of workloads
  • Target: All workloads are to have automatic decommission of non-ephemeral storage resources.
  • Best Practice: Decommission resources automatically
  • Measures: % of workloads with automatic decommission, cost of non-decommissioned resources
  • Good/Bad: Good
  • Why? When does it work well or not?: Reduce cost of manual decommission work
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  • Goal: Reduce waste
  • Target: Reduce waste by x%
  • Best Practice: Decommission resources
  • Measures: amount of waste removed
  • Good/Bad: Bad
  • Why? When does it work well or not?: Does not work long term as it requires waste to always exist, but it could be possibly used as a short term goal. Instead, set a positive goal of minimizing waste creation - such as having waste not exceed a set $ amount.
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