Create a group of users for testing

This lab requires you to develop a restrictive IAM policy, then apply the policies to a group of users, then login as a user in that group and verify the policy. We will create this test group.

  1. Go to the IAM service page: Images/AWSPolicy1.png

  2. Click on Groups, click Create New Group: Images/AWSCreateTest2.png

  3. Set the group name to CostTest and click Next Step: Images/AWSCreateTest3.png

  4. Click Next Step: Images/AWSCreateTest4.png

  5. Click Create Group: Images/AWSCreateTest5.png

  6. Click Users: Images/AWSCreateTest6.png

  7. Click Add user: Images/AWSCreateTest7.png

  8. Configure the user as follows:

    • Username: TestUser1
    • Access type: AWS Management Console access
    • Console password: Autogenerated password
    • Un-select Require password reset
    • Click Next: Permissions Images/AWSCreateTest8.png
  9. Select the CostTest group, and click Next: Tags: Images/AWSCreateTest9.png

  10. Click Next: Review: Images/AWSCreateTest10.png

  11. Review the details and click Create user: Images/AWSCreateTest11.png

  12. Record the logon link, the User and the Password for later use, click Close: Images/AWSCreateTest12.png