Log onto the console as your regular user with the required permissions.

Delete the IAM policies

We will delete the IAM policies created, as they are no longer applied to any groups.

  1. Log on to the console as your regular user with the required permissions, go to the IAM service page: Images/AWSPolicy1.png

  2. Click on Policies on the left: Images/AWSPolicy2.png

3.Click on Filter Policies and select Customer managed: Images/AWSTeardown11.png

  1. Select the policy you want to delete Region_Restrict: Images/AWSTeardown12.png

  2. Click on Policy actions, and select Delete: Images/AWSTeardown13.png

  3. Click on Delete: Images/AWSTeardown14.png

  4. Perform the same steps above to delete the Ec2_FamilyRestrict and EC2EBS_Restrict policies.

  5. Click on Groups: Images/AWSTeardown15.png

  6. Select the CostTest group, click Group Actions, click Delete Group: Images/AWSTeardown16.png

  7. Click Yes, Delete: Images/AWSTeardown17.png

  8. Click Users: Images/AWSTeardown18.png

  9. Select TestUser1, and click Delete user: Images/AWSTeardown19.png

  10. Click Yes, delete: Images/AWSTeardown20.png

  11. Go to the EC2 dashboard: Images/AWSTeardown21.png

  12. Click Security Groups on the left: Images/AWSTeardown22.png

  13. Select the security groups you took note of, ensure you have the correct groups that were created. Click Actions, select Delete Security Groups: Images/AWSTeardown23.png

  14. Triple check they are the groups you wrote down, and click Yes, Delete: Images/AWSTeardown24.png

  15. Confirm there are no io1 unattached EBS volumes, go to the EC2 dashboard, click on Elastic Block Store, click Volumes. You can sort by the Created column to help identify volumes that were not terminated as part of this lab.