View an RI report

We are going to view the RI reports within AWS Cost Explorer, to understand the potential savings and usage trends.

  1. Log into the console via SSO, go to the management/payer account and go to the AWS Cost Explorer service page: Images/AWSRI1.png

  2. In the left menu under Reservations select Recommendations: Images/AWSRI2.png

  3. On the right select the filters: Select recommendation type non-EC2 service, RI term 1 year, Payment Option (your preference), Based on the past 7 days: Images/AWSRI3.png

The top section will show the estimated savings and number of recommendations, take note of the Purchase Recommendations

  1. On the right select the filter: Based on the past 30 days: Images/AWSRI4.png

View the Purchase Recommendations, if the 7 days recommendation is more than the 30 days recommendation - your usage is increasing and the recommendations are lower risk. If the 7 days recommendation is less than 30 days, then your usage is decreasing and you need to look further into your usage patterns to see which RI’s would be suitable.

You now have an overview of your potential savings and your usage trends.