Verify your CUR files are being delivered

Prerequisite: You must have configured Cost and Usage Reports in the AWS Account Setup lab. It can take up to 24 hours for AWS to deliver the first report to your Amazon S3 bucket. However if you are doing this Lab as part of an AWS workshop, or do not have substantial or interesting usage, follow these steps at the bottom of this lab to create an Amazon S3 bucket and use sample files.

We will verify the CUR files are being delivered, they are in the correct format and the region they are in.

  1. Log into the console via SSO.

  2. Get the bucket name which contains your Cost and Usage Report (CUR) files in the management/payer account. Modify the following address and replace (bucket name) with your bucket: name)/


  1. You should see a aws-programmatic-access-test-object which was put there to verify AWS can deliver reports, and also the folder which is the report prefix - cur. Click on the folder name for the prefix (here it is cur): Images/AWSBillingAnalysis_3.png

  2. Click on the folder name which is also part of the prefix (here it is WorkshopCUR): Images/AWSBillingAnalysis_4.png

  3. Click on the prefix folder, here it is WorkshopCUR, then drill down in the current year and month: Images/AWSBillingAnalysis_5.png

  4. You can see the delivered CUR file, it is in the parquet format: Images/AWSBillingAnalysis_7.png

You have successfully verified that you have access to the CUR files, and they are being delivered in the correct format.

Use Sample Data

Click here to use sample CUR data