Tear down

It is best practice to regularly analyze your usage and cost, so you should not tear down this lab unless you have an alternative visualization solution.

Delete your Dashboard

  1. Go to the QuickSight homepage, and select All dashboards: Images/QuickSightHome_dashboards.png

  2. Click the 3 dots next to the dashboard you created: Images/QuickSightDashboards_buttons.png

  3. Click Delete: Images/QuickSightPopup_Delete.png

  4. Click Delete: Images/QuickSightPopup_Confirm.png

Delete your Analysis

  1. Click on All analyses: Images/QuickSight_analyses.png

  2. Click the 3 dots next to the analysis you created: Images/QuickSightanalysis_dots.png

  3. Click Delete: Images/quicksightpopup_del2.png

  4. Click Delete to confirm: Images/quicksightpopup_confirm2.png

Delete the dataset

  1. Click on Manage data: Images/quicksight_managedata.png

  2. Select the dataset: Images/quicksightdataset_select.png

  3. Click Delete data set: Images/quicksightdataset_delete.png

  4. Confirm by clicking Delete: Images/quicksightdataset_confirm.png