CID CUDOS and the KPI Dashboards

The Cost Intelligence Dashboard (CID), CUDOS, and the KPI dashboard are all strongly recommended to be deployed together. These three dashboards are based on the Cost & Usage report and will help you address a wide range of FinOps use cases. The following steps will help you deploy all three dashboards into your account. If you just want to deploy one or two of these dashboards instead, please review the manual deployment section.

Option 1: Express Deployment (15 minutes)

The following is the recommended method for deploying the CUR-based Cloud Intelligence Dashboards (CID, CUDOS, and KPI). This step requires that you’ve gone through the prerequisites in the previous steps in this lab to; create the CUR, setup Athena and its connection to the CUR, and enabled QuickSight.

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Option 2: All-in-one CloudFormation deployment (10 min)

This option does not require any pre-requisites other than the CUR having been created (and available in an S3 bucket) and QuickSight being setup.

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Option 3: Legacy CloudFormation Deployment (30 Mins)

This section is optional and will be deprecated soon in favor of the CloudFormation template above.

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Option 4: Manual Deployment (deprecated)

This option is the manual deployment and will walk you through all steps required to create this dashboard without any automation. We recommend this option users new to Athena and QuickSight.

You will require AWS CLI environment. We recommend using CloudShell in your account, but you also can install AWS CLI on your working environment.

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Saving and Sharing your Dashboard in QuickSight

Now that you have your dashboard created you can share your dashboard with users or customize your own version of this dashboard.

Add your Account Names to your Dashboard

Learn how to replace the Accound IDs with the Account Names for each of your linked accounts in AWS Organizations by following these steps.

Update Dashboard Template - Optional

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Next Steps