Additional Dashboards


In addition to the two foundational Cloud Intelligence Dashboards CUR Dashboards, Cost Intelligence Dashboard and CUDOS, we have service and specific use case dashboards that help you dive deeper and gain additional insights.

Data Transfer Dashboard

The Data Transfer Dashboard is an interactive, customizable and accessible QuickSight dashboard to help customers gain insights into their data transfer. It will analyze any data transfer that incurs a cost such as outbound internet and regional data transfer from all services.

This dashboard contains data transfer breakdowns with the following visuals:

  • Amount and cost by service and region
  • Between regions
  • Internet data transfer, AWS Global Accelerator usage details for estimation
  • Regional Data transfer
  • CloudFront cost and usage analysis


  • Chaitanya Shah, Sr. Technical Account Manager
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The Trends Dashboard provides Financial and Technology organizational leaders access to proactive trends, signals, insights and anomalies to understand and analyze their AWS cloud usage.

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