View 0 - Account Map

The Cost & Usage Report data doesn’t contain account names and other business or organization specific mapping so the first view you will create is a view that enhances your CUR data. There are a few options you can leverage to create your account_map view to provide opportunities to leverage your existing mapping tables. organization information, or other business mappings allows for deeper insights and additional This view will be used to create the Account_Map for your dashboards.

You can update your account_map view or change options at a future time. If you are unsure of what option to use we suggest starting with Option 1

Option 1: Placeholder Account Map data

The Account Map placeholder option is a quick way to create your view if you do not use AWS Organizations, have an existing account mapping document, or are looking to quickly create the dashboards for a proof of concept.

  • Click here - to create using placeholder data

Option 2: Account Map CSV file using your existing AWS account mapping data

Many organizations already maintain their account mapping outside of AWS. You can leverage your existing mapping data by creating a csv file with your account mapping data including any additional organization attributes.

  • Click here - to create using an your own account mapping csv and Amazon S3

Option 3: Leverage your existing AWS Organizations account mapping

This option allows your to bring in your AWS Organizations data including OU grouping

  • Click here - to create using your AWS Organization Data