Data Transfer View

This view will be used to create the main Data Transfer Cost Analysis dashboard page.

We recommend large customers with over 500 linked accounts, or more than $5M a month in invoiced cost, display 1 or 2 months previous data instead of 3. Modify the INTERVAL in the statements below to less than 3 months for improved performance.

Create View

  • Click here - to expand data transfer view query OR
  • Click here - to expand Create view in Athena using aws cli

Adding Cost Allocation Tags

Cost Allocation tags can be added to any views. We recommend adding while creating the dashboard to eliminate rework.

Click here - to add your cost allocation tags

Validate View

  • Confirm the view is working, run the following Athena query and you should receive 10 rows of data:

      select * from costmaster.data_transfer_view
      limit 10;