Install or Update the AWS CLI

CLI commands are required to complete the dashboard setup. If you need to enable your AWS CLI, follow the steps below.

Click here - to use AWS Cloudshell (recommended)
Click here - if you are using Docker
Click here - if you are using Linux x86 (64-bit)
Click here - if you are using Linux ARM
Click here - if you are using MacOS
Click here - if you are using Windows

Full details on installing, updating and uninstalling AWS CLI from supported operating systems is available here .

Enable Trusted Advisor Organizational View

For the step by step guide please follow the documentation


Stage 1 - Create S3 bucket.

  1. Create an S3 bucket in a QuickSight supported AWS region (for example us-east-1)

  2. Create new folder named reports in the created S3 bucket. Image

You can use any S3 bucket name. Please save {bucket} name. It will be needed in Stage 2

Prepare Athena

If this is the first time you will be using Athena you will need to complete a few setup steps before you are able to create the views needed. If you are already a regular Athena user you can skip these steps and move on to the Prepare Trusted Advisor Organizational View .

To get Athena warmed up:

  1. From the services list, choose S3

  2. Create a new S3 bucket for Athena queries to be logged to. Keep to the same region as the S3 bucket created for your Trusted Advisor Organizational View reports.

  3. From the services list, choose Athena

  4. Select Get Started to enable Athena and start the basic configuration Image of Athena Query Editor

  5. At the top of this screen select Before you run your first query, you need to set up a query result location in Amazon S3.

    Image of Athena Query Editor

  6. Enter the path of the bucket created for Athena queries, it is recommended that you also select the AutoComplete option NOTE: The trailing “/” in the folder path is required!

Configuration MUST be performed at the Athena workgroup level.

Enable QuickSight

QuickSight is the AWS Business Intelligence tool that will allow you to not only view the Standard AWS provided insights into all of your accounts, but will also allow to produce new versions of the Dashboards we provide or create something entirely customized to you. If you are already a regular QuickSight user you can skip these steps.

  1. Log into your AWS Account and search for QuickSight in the list of Services

  2. You will be asked to sign up before you will be able to use it

    QuickSight Sign up Workflow Image

  3. After pressing the Sign up button you will be presented with 2 options, please ensure you select the Enterprise Edition during this step

  4. Select continue and you will need to fill in a series of options in order to finish creating your account.

    • Ensure you select the region that is most appropriate based on where your S3 Bucket is located containing your TA Report file.

      Select Region and Amazon S3 Discovery

    • Enable the Amazon S3 option and select the bucket where your Trusted Advisor Organizational View reports are located

      Image of s3 buckets that are linked to the QuickSight account. Enable bucket and give Athena Write permission to it.

  5. Click Finish & wait for the congratulations screen to display

  6. Click Go to Amazon QuickSight


  7. Check you have Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition