Automated Deployment - Optional

Use our Github repo to perform an automated deployment following the instructions below. If you would like to deploy TAO Dashboard manually please skip this step and proceed with Manual deployment - Prepare


  1. Launch AWS CloudShell

  2. Clone repository and navigate to tao folder:

    git clone
    cd aws-cudos-framework-deployment/tao
  3. Run the following script:

    Note: Your user would require minimal permissions on the IAM Role described in minimal_permissions.json

    ./shell-script/ --action=prepare
    ./shell-script/ --action=deploy
  4. To refresh AWS Trusted Advisor Organizational View data (we recommend to perform this step at least once per month):

    • Create AWS Trusted Advisor Organizational View report

    • Download AWS Trusted Advisor Organizational View report and unzip it

    • Upload report unzipped folder to s3://{bucket}/reports

    • Run following script:

      ./shell-script/ --action=refresh-data


  1. To pull dashboard updates run

    ./shell-script/ --action=update

Saving and Sharing your Dashboard in QuickSight

Now that you have your dashboard created you will need want to share your dashboard with users or customize your own version of this dashboard - Click to navigate QuickSight steps