TAO Dashboard Deployment

Deployment Options

There are 3 options to deploy the TAO Dashboard. If you are unsure what option to select, we recommend using the Manual deployment

Option 1: Manual Deployment

This option is the manual deployment and will walk you through all steps required to create this dashboard without any automation. We recommend this option users new to Athena and QuickSight.

Click here to continue with the manual deployment

Option 2: Automation Scripts Deployment

The Cloud Intelligence Dashboards automation repo is an optional way to create the Cloud Intelligence Dashboards using a collection of setup automation scripts. The supplied scripts allow you to complete the workshops in less than half the time as the standard manual setup.

Click here to continue with the Automation Scripts Deployment

Option 3: CloudFormation Deployment

This section is optional way to deploy TAO Dashboard using a CloudFormation template. The CloudFormation template allows you to complete the lab in less than half the time as the standard setup. You will require permissions to modify CloudFormation templates and create an IAM role. If you do not have the required permissions use the Manual or Automation Scripts Deployment.

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Saving and Sharing your Dashboard in QuickSight

Now that you have your dashboard created you will need want to share your dashboard with users or customize your own version of this dashboard - Click to navigate QuickSight steps