Manual Deployment - Prepare

Stage 2 - Prepare config files

  1. Collect information to create config files

    • {account} - AWS Account in which Dashboard is deployed
    • {region} - AWS region for dashboard deployment
    • {user_arn} - QuickSight user arn with admin permissions.

    Can be retrieved with following command:

    aws quicksight list-users --aws-account-id {account} --namespace default --region {region} --query 'UserList[*].Arn'
    • {s3FolderPath} - path to S3 folder created in Stage 1 in following format s3://{bucket_name}/reports/
    • {databaseName} - AWS glue data catalog database name. You can use any existing database or create new
  2. Create AWS Glue database Image

  3. Download following files and replace placeholders with respective values


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