Manual Deployment - Deploy

Stage 2 - Create required resources and deploy dashboard

  1. We recommend to use AWS CloudShell for workshop Image

  2. Verify AWS CLI is v2.1.16 and above. Check the version by issuing the aws --version command at the shell prompt. To upgrade AWS CLI, find the instructions here

  3. Upload all 5 config files to CloudShell

  4. Using CloudShell change a directory to where you’ve uploaded files in the previous step

  5. Create resources

    Click here - if you want to bulk copy commands


    • Create Glue table is the metadata definition:
    aws glue create-table --region {region} --cli-input-json file://athena-table.json
    • Create QuickSight datasource:
    aws quicksight create-data-source --aws-account-id {account} --region {region} --cli-input-json file://data-source-input.json
    • Create QuickSight dataset:
    aws quicksight create-data-set --aws-account-id {account} --region {region} --cli-input-json file://data-set-input.json
    • Create QuickSight dashboard:
    aws quicksight create-dashboard --aws-account-id {account} --region {region} --cli-input-json file://dashboard-input.json
    • Get status of dashboard deployment:
    aws quicksight describe-dashboard --aws-account-id {account} --region {region} --dashboard-id ta-organizational-view

Congratulations dashboard is deployed! Please log in to QuickSight and open https://{region}

Saving and Sharing your Dashboard in QuickSight

Now that you have your dashboard created you will need want to share your dashboard with users or customize your own version of this dashboard - Click to navigate QuickSight steps