Configure Lab Environment


Any Company (a fictitious Enterprise organization) is running various projects on the AWS cloud in the us-east-1 region, which are owned by various departments within the organization for their respective teams. For example, the Digital department has implemented two critical 2-tier web applications Project1 and Project2 for two different teams called Alpha and Beta under two different cost centres CostCenter-1111 and CostCenter-2222 respectively. Section1 Architecture

The CFO is highly concerned about the entire cost of cloud resources that are generated as part of the digital department and has asked the head of the digital department to share a consolidated cost report exclusive to the digital department, including cost for each service that Alpha and Beta teams are using for their respective projects. A consolidated cost report will provide a centralized view of usage and costs, enable accurate chargeback, and allow for better forecasting. 

The lab uses two CloudFormation templates for Project1 and Project2, and will teach you the techniques to apply tags for cost categorization and further use cost categories for expenditure awareness.

Get the CloudFormation Template and Deploy it.

You can get both the CloudFormation templates used in this lab here - Project1 and Project2.


If you need detailed instructions on how to deploy a CloudFormation stack from within the console, please follow this guide.

  1. Log into the Cost Optimization Member Account created in AWS Account Setup.

  2. Open the CloudFormation console at and click Create stack button. Section1 CFStack

  3. Select the stack template which you downloaded earlier, and click Choose file to upload Project1cfm.yaml and click Next. Section1 Upload_CFStack

  4. For the Stack name use any stack name of your choice and click Next. For this case, We have used Alpha-Team-Resources as a Stack name. Section1 StackName

  5. Keep Configure stack options as default. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next. Section1 StackOptions

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the Review Alpha-Team-Resources page and acknowledge the IAM resources creation by selecting the check box. After reviewing, click on Submit to run the stack. It may take 15 minutes to complete the baseline deployment. Section1 IAM

  7. Now go to your newly created stack and go to the Resources section of the CloudFormation stack to find all the resources for team Alpha. Section1 StackResourcesAlpha

  8. Follow the same procedure step by step and select Project2cfm.yaml in step 3 to create resources for team Beta. We have used Beta-Team-Resources as a stack name in step 4. Section1 StackResourcesBeta


You have completed this section of the lab. In this section you successfully deployed two AWS CloudFormation templates of the lab and confirmed the relevant resources were created using the AWS Console.

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