Configure Cost Allocation Tags


You can use AWS cost allocation tags to track your AWS costs on a detailed level. After you activate cost allocation tags, AWS uses them to organize your resource costs on your cost allocation report, making it easier for you to categorize and track your AWS costs.

AWS provides two types of cost allocation tags that are AWS generated tags and user-defined tags. AWS or AWS Marketplace ISV defines, creates, and applies the AWS generated tags for you, and you define, create, and apply user-defined tags. You must activate both types of tags separately before they can appear in Cost Explorer or on a cost allocation report.

For tags to appear on your billing reports, you must activate your applied tags in the Billing and Cost Management console.

Note - After you create and apply user-defined tags to your resources, it can take up to 24 hours for the tags to appear on your cost allocation tags page for activation. After you select your tags for activation, it can take up to 24 hours for tags to activate.


  1. Log into Management Account created in AWS Account Setup.

  2. Search for billing in AWS console and select Billing from Services or open the AWS Billing console at Section3 Billing

  3. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Cost allocation tags. Section3 CostAllocationTags

  4. Under User-defined cost allocation tags, search for CostCentre, Department, ProjectName and TeamName as tag key and select each of them to activate.

  5. Click on Activate. Section3 ActivateCostAllocationTags

  6. Once activated, status should show as Active for the above mentioned Tag keys. Section3 UserDefinedCostAllocationTags


You have completed this section of the lab. In this section you activated user defined tags using AWS cost allocation tag service.

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