Create Journey

Create the Journey

We will now run the Lambda function and create the Well-Architected Cost Journeys. We will manually run the function

  1. Go to the Lambda service page, select the Cost_W-A_Journey function

  2. Scroll down to the Code source, click Deploy, click Test

  3. Set the event name to CreateJourney, click Create

  4. Click Test, Images/lambda_test.png

  5. You will see a null response and there should be some log messages in the lambda console Images/lambda_response.png

  6. Go to the s3 console and select the bucket you configured, you will see a W-A Workload Journeys.html file which contains the index of all the workload journeys. The WorkloadReports/ folder contains each workload journey. Images/s3_journeys.png

  7. Open up the files in a web browser and view the image: Images/journey.png

You have successfully created your Well-Architected Cost Journeys. You can configure the S3 bucket to serve web pages to easily distribute the journeys across your organization.