Level 200: Enterprise Dashboards

Last Updated

July 2020


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The Cost Intelligence Dashboard is an interactive, customizable and accessible QuickSight dashboard to help customers create the foundation for their own Cost Management and Optimization reporting tool. This hands-on lab will guide you through the steps to copy and customize the QuickSight dashboard to better leverage your cost and usage report.

Note: This QuickSight dashboard is not an official AWS dashboard and should be used as a self-service tool. We recommend validating your data by comparing the aggregate un-grouped Payer and Linked Account spend for a prior month.



  • Create the Cost Intelligence dashboard
  • Distribute your dashboards in your organization


Permissions required


  • Small accounts approximately <$5 when using your free QuickSight trial

Time to complete

  • Cost Intelligence Dashboard: The lab should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete