Setup QuickSight Dashboard

We will now setup the QuickSight dashboard to visualize your usage by cost, and setup the analysis to provide Savings Plan recommendations.

  1. Go to the QuickSight service: Images/home_quicksight.png

  2. Click on Manage data: Images/quicksight_managedata.png

  3. Click on New data set: Images/quicksight_newdataset.png

  4. Click Athena: Images/quicksight_athenadataset.png

  5. Enter a Data source name of SP_Usage and click Create data source: Images/quicksight_namedatasource.png

  6. Select the costmaster database, and the sp_usage table, click Select: Images/quicksight_choosetable.png

  7. Ensure SPICE is selected, click Visualize: Images/quicksight_datasetfinish.png

  8. Click on QuickSight to go to the home page: Images/quicksight_home.png

  9. Click on Manage data: Images/quicksight_managedata.png

  10. Select the sp_usage Dataset: Images/quicksight_refresh1.png

  11. Click Schedule refresh: Images/quicksight_refresh2.png

  12. Click Create: Images/quicksight_refresh3.png

  13. Enter a schedule, it needs to be refreshed daily, and click Create: Images/quicksight_refresh4.png

  14. Click Cancel to exit: Images/quicksight_refresh5.png

  15. Click the x in the top corner: Images/quicksight_refresh6.png

You now have your data set setup ready to create a visualization.