Savings Plan analysis is a critical requirement of cost optimization, so there is no specific tear down for this lab.

The following resources were created in this lab:

  • S3 Bucket: (custom name)
  • Lambda Functions: SPTool_ODPricing_Download and SPTool_SPPricing_Download
  • IAM Role: SPTool_Lambda
  • IAM Policy: s3_pricing_lambda
  • CloudWatch Event, Rule: SPTool-Pricing
  • Glue Crawlers: OD_Pricing and SP_Pricing
  • IAM Role: AWSGlueServiceRole-SPToolPricing
  • Glue Database: Pricing
  • Athena Views: pricing.pricing and costmaster.SP_USage
  • QuickSight Dataset: SP_Usage
  • QuickSight Analysis: sp_usage analysis