Level 200: Workload Efficiency

Last Updated

May 2020


  • Nathan Besh, Cost Lead, Well-Architected


If you wish to provide feedback on this lab, there is an error, or you want to make a suggestion, please email: costoptimization@amazon.com


This hands-on lab will guide you through the steps to measure the efficiency of a workload. It shows you how to get the overall efficiency, then look deeper for patterns in usage to be able to allocate different weights to different outputs of a system.

The lab uses a simple web application to demonstrate the efficiency, but will teach you the techniques so that it can be applied to ANY workload you have, whether its born in the cloud or legacy.

The first time you perform this lab it is recommended to use the sample files supplied, then you can use your own application and billing files for each workload you have.



  • Setup the application data source
  • Combine the application and cost data sources
  • Create the visualization for efficiency


Permissions required


  • <$5 depending on the size of your data sources, and existing QuickSight subscription

Time to complete

  • The lab should take approximately 50-60 minutes to complete