Data Collection Modules and Testing Deployment

Data Collection Modules

These modules templates are managed in AWS owned buckets. If you do not wish to have updates on them from AWS then please save a copy to a bucket in your account and use instead.

Below are the modules we have available in this lab. You can read more about them by expanding the sections. You have selected your chosen modules in the Deploy Main Resources section so no action is needed.

Cost Explorer Rightsizing Recommendations
Inventory Collector
Trusted Advisor
Compute Optimizer Collector
ECS Chargeback Data
RDS Utilization Data
AWS Organization Data Export
AWS Budgets Export

Testing your deployment

Once you have deployed your modules you will be able to test your Lambda function to get your first set of data in Amazon S3.

  1. The updated CloudFormation will have created a Nested stack. By clicking on your stack and selecting Resources find your lambda function and click the hyperlink.

  2. To test your lambda function click Test Images/lambda_test_cf.png

  3. Enter an Event name of Test, click Create:


If you are using a module connected to Account Collector the you will need to use the below json and pass in the Replace_AccountID you wish to test

  {"Records": [{"messageId": "e215b689", "receiptHandle": "AQE", "body": "{"/account_id"/:"/Replace_AccountID"/, "/account_name/": /"name/"}", "attributes": {"ApproximateReceiveCount": "1", "SentTimestamp": "1", "SenderId": "A:role", "ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp": "1"}, "messageAttributes": {}, "md5OfBody": "1", "eventSource": "aws:sqs", "eventSourceARN": "arn:aws:sqs:eu-west-1:Account_id:role", "awsRegion": "eu-west-1"}]}
  1. Click Test

  2. The function will run, it will take a minute or two given the size of the Organizations files and processing required, then return success. Click Details and view the output.

  3. Go to the Athena service page


  1. You will be able to see your data in the Optimization_Data Database


  1. If your module has a saved query you will be able to see it in the Saved queries section. Images/Saved_queries.png

If you have just deployed all resources into your Management Account please see below.

Deployed just into Management Account

If you would like to make your own modules then go to the next section to learn more on how they are made!

Now you have your data in AWS Athena you can use this to identify optimization opportunities using Athena Queries or Passing into Amazon QuickSight.