Join with the Enterprise Cost Intelligence Dashboard

Join with the Enterprise Cost Intelligence Dashboard

This section is optional and shows how you can add your AWS Organization Data to your Enterprise Dashboards - 200_Enterprise_Dashboards .

This example will show you how to map your Enterprise Dashboard linked_account_id to your Organizations account_number to add account information that is meaningful to your organization. This is to replace this step:

  1. Go to the Amazon QuickSight service homepage

  2. In QuickSight, select the summary_view Data Set

  3. Select Edit data set

  4. Select Add data: Images/dashboard_mapping_3.png

  5. Select your Amazon Athena organization_data table and click Select Images/Org_Data.png

  6. Select the two circles to open the join configuration then select Left to change your join type: Images/dashboard_mapping_6.png

  7. Create following join clause :

    • linked_account_id = id Click Apply


  1. Select Save

  2. Repeat steps 2-9, creating mapping joins for your remaining QuickSight data sets:

    • s3_view
    • ec2_running_cost
    • compute_savings_plan_eligible_spend

You now have new fields that can be used on the visuals in the Cost Intelligence Dashboard - we will now use them

  1. Go to the Cost Intelligence Analysis

  2. Edit the calculated field Account: Images/dashboard_mapping_12.png

  3. Change the formula from toString({linked_account_id}) to {name} Images/dashboard_mapping_13.png

  4. You can now select a visual, select the Account field, and you will see the account names in your visuals, instead of the Account number: Images/dashboard_mapping_14.png

You now have successfully utilized Organization mapping data on your Cost Intelligence Dashboard