Create Lambda function to run the Saved Queries

This Lambda function ties everything together, it will remove all objects in the current months S3 folders, find the Athena queries to run, and then execute the saved Athena queries. First we will create the role with permissions for Lambda to use, then the Lambda function itself.

1 - Go to the IAM service dashboard

2 - Create a policy named LambdaSubAcctSplit

3 - Edit the following policy inline with security best practices, and add it to the policy:


4 - Create a Role for Lambda to call services

5 - Attach the LambdaSubAcctSplit policy

6 - Name the role LambdaSubAcctSplit

7 - Go into the Lambda service dashboard

8 - Create a function named SubAcctSplit, Author from scratch using the Python 3.7 Runtime and role LambdaSubAcctSplit:

9 - Copy the code into the editor from here: ./Code/

10 - Edit the code as per the instructions at the top.

11 - Under Basic settings set the Timeout to 30seconds, and review this after the test at the end

12 - Change the Execution role to LambdaSubAcctSplit

13 - Save the function

14 - Test that the function by clicking on the Test button at the top, and make sure that it executes correctly: Images/splitsharecur10.png

15 - Go into the S3 Service dashboard, view the output folder and verify that there are files for the current month. Check the Last modified time stamp to ensure they were created at the time of the test.

You have now setup the Lambda function which executes the queries. The final step is to trigger this Lambda function every time a new CUR file is delivered.