Sub Account Crawler Setup

The final step is to setup the sub account to automatically scan the S3 folders each morning using a Glue Crawler, and update a local Athena database.

1 - Login to the sub account as an IAM user with the required permissions, and go into the Glue console.

2 - Add a Crawler with the following details:

  • Include path: the S3 bucket in the account with the delivered CURs
  • Exclude patterns:
**.json, **.yml, **.sql, **.csv, **.gz, **.zip (1 per line)


3 - Create a new role for the crawler to use Images/splitsharecur13.png

4 - Create a daily schedule to update the tables each morning before you come into work Images/splitsharecur14.png

5 - Create a new database

6 - Review the crawler configuration and finish: Images/splitsharecur15.png

7 - Run the crawler, and check that it has added tables.

8 - Go into Athena and execute a preview query to verify access and the data.

You have now given the sub account access to their specific CUR files as extracted from the Management/Payer CUR file. This will be automatically updated on any new versions delivered, or any new months delivered.