In the cloud, you can apply the same engineering discipline that you use for application code to your entire environment. You can define your entire workload (applications, infrastructure, etc.) as code and update it with code. You can script your operations procedures and automate their execution by triggering them in response to events. By performing operations as code, you limit human error and enable consistent execution of operations activities.

In this lab you will apply the concepts of Infrastructure as Code and Operations as Code to the following activities:

  • Deployment of Infrastructure
  • Inventory Management
  • Patch Management

Included in the lab guide are bonus sections that can be completed if you have time or later if interested.

  • Creating Maintenance Windows and Scheduling Automated Operations Activities
  • Create and Subscribe to a Simple Notification Service Topic

Important You will be billed for any applicable AWS resources used in this lab that are not covered in the AWS Free Tier. At the end of the lab guide there is an additional section on how to remove all the resources you have created.

  • Removing Lab Resources