Test the Change Process with Simulated Service Event

In most of cases there’s no active AWS service events when you executed the Change Request. In this section, we will simulate AWS service events by retrieving the closed service events through calling the AWS Health API. This action has been defined in the Automation runbook AWS_health_aware_event_simulated_runbook.

With this simulation, you can observe the Change Request process will automatically check the AWS service health status, and suspend the operation change process when there’s active service event. You can also find an email will be sent out with the impacted service information.

Create the Change Request that Simulates AWS Service Events

  1. Click this link to go to Templates tab in the Change Manager.

  2. Select the Change Template wa-ssm-health-aware-lab-template. Section3 App Arch

  3. Click the Create request button. Section3 App Arch

  4. In the Basic change request details, type in a name for this request, e.g. wa-lab-change-request-simulated-events. Then select the AWS_health_aware_event_simulated_runbook (Default) in the dropdown box under the Runbook. Section4 App Arch

  5. Keep the other configurations as default, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Next button. Section4 App Arch

  6. Leave all parameter in the Specify parameters page as default, and click the Next button. Section4 App Arch

  7. Review the configuration information in the Review and submit page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit for approval button. Then the request has been successfully submitted when you see there’s a green banner shows up at the top of the page. Section3 App Arch

  8. Click this link to go to the Requests tab in the Change Manager. You will find the Status of the change request will change from Scheduled, to Run in progress, and finally to Success. Section4 App Arch

  9. Click on the Change Request wa-lab-change-request-simulated-events. Section4 App Arch

  10. Click on the Timeline tab in the Change Request detail page, where you can see the option1_suspend_the_change_workflow defined in the runbook AWS_health_aware_event_simulated_runbook has been executed, as we’ve simulated active service events. Section4 App Arch

  11. You will also receive an email notification with the impacted service information. Section4 App Arch

  12. Click this link to view the AWS Health Event log. Please note that we simulated the AWS service events using the historical event data in this case. You can also correlate that the impacted events are aligned with the impacted service in the above email notification, e.g. QUICKSIGHT, EC2, etc. Section4 App Arch

  13. (Optional) Click this link to go to Documents in Systems Manager, click the Owned by me tab, and click the AWS_health_aware_event_simulated_runbook Automation runbook. Section3 App Arch

  14. (Optional) Click the Content tab and review the automation runbook content. Please note that the current runbook is to monitor those AWS health events which status are “open”. Section3 App Arch

    You have completed the simulation of the service events, and tested the AWS Health Awareness capability of the Systems Manager operation change process.

Congratulations !

You have now completed the Build AWS Health Aware Operation Change Process lab, click on the link below to cleanup the lab resources.