Add metrics to Dashboard

Now that we have a dashboard for our Windows EC2 instance, we can add an additional metric for available memory.

  1. Let’s add a new widget to our CloudWatch Dashboard. Click on the “Add Widget” button in the upper right corner. AddMetricsToDash1
  2. Click Line, then next
  3. Click Metrics and then Configure
  4. Select CWAgent and then select the second metric group “ImageId, InstanceId, InstanceType, objectname”
  5. Make sure to search only for the InstanceId if you have multiple machines reporting metrics
  6. Find the “Memory available Mbytes” and click the check box next to it. AddMetricsToDash2
  7. Click on “Graphed Metrics (1)” and then select “5 seconds” as the period
  8. Click on Create widget AddMetricsToDash3
  9. You should now see two widgets on your Dashboard. AddMetricsToDash4
  10. You can drag the widgets around the screen and re-size them if you wish. AddMetricsToDash5
  11. You can also change the time period, select 1h to show just the most recent metrics AddMetricsToDash6
  12. You can also set the auto-refresh rate for the Dashboard by using this pull-down. Select 10s AddMetricsToDash7
  13. Click the “Save Dashboard” button before proceeding to the next step.