Tear down this lab

If you are attending an in-person workshop and were provided with an AWS account by the instructor:

  • There is no need to tear down the lab. Feel free to continue exploring. Log out of your AWS account when done.

If you are using your own AWS account:

  • You may leave these resources deployed for as long as you want. When you are ready to delete these resources, see the following instructions

Empty the S3 buckets

You cannot delete an Amazon S3 bucket unless it is empty, so you need to empty the buckets you created. There are a total of four buckets:

  • Replication bucket in east region: <your_naming_prefix>-crrlab-us-east-2
  • Replication bucket in west region: <your_naming_prefix>-crrlab-us-west-2
  • Logging bucket in east region: logging-<your_naming_prefix>-us-east-2
  • Logging bucket in west region: logging-<your_naming_prefix>-us-west-2

Go to the Amazon S3 console, or if you are already there click on Amazon S3 in the upper left corner

For each of the four buckets do the following:

  1. Select the radio button next to the bucket
  2. Click Empty
  3. Type the bucket name in the confirmation box
  4. Click Empty
  5. After you see the message Successfully emptied bucket then click Exit
  6. For the logging buckets it is also recommended your delete the bucket now to prevent the logs from writing more data there after you empty it
    • Follow the same steps as above, but click the Delete button (instead of Empty)

Remove AWS CloudFormation provisioned resources

If you are using an AWS supplied to you as part of an in-person AWS workshop

How to delete an AWS CloudFormation stack

If you are already familiar with how to delete an AWS CloudFormation stack, then skip to the next section: Delete workshop CloudFormation stacks

  1. Go to the AWS CloudFormation console: https://console.aws.amazon.com/cloudformation
  2. Select the CloudFormation stack to delete and click Delete
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete stack
  4. The Status changes to DELETE_IN_PROGRESS
  5. Click the refresh button to update and status will ultimately progress to DELETE_COMPLETE
  6. When complete, the stack will no longer be displayed. To see deleted stacks use the drop down next to the Filter text box.
  7. To see progress during stack deletion
    • Click the stack name
    • Select the Events column
    • Refresh to see new events

Delete workshop CloudFormation stacks

  1. First delete the S3-CRR-lab-east CloudFormation stack in Ohio (us-east-2)
  2. Then delete the S3-CRR-lab-west CloudFormation stack in Oregon (us-west-2)

Troubleshooting: if your CloudFormation stack deletion fails with status DELETE_FAILED and error (from the Events tab) Cannot delete entity, must detach all policies first then see these additional instructions