Troubleshooting Guide to Tuning your Insights Query

Verify you are in the correct AWS Region

You should be in the east region

  • If you used the directions in this lab, then this is Ohio (us-east-2)

If your query returned zero results or less than three results:

Possibility #1: It was been too recent since you did the bucket operations

  • It usually takes five minutes after an operation for it to show up in CloudTrail and can take as long as 15 minutes


Possibility #2: It was been too long ago since you did the bucket operations

  • If you did the previous part of the lab much earlier you should expand the time range for your query, found to the right of Select log group(s)

If you see more than three results

  • Then you are seeing bucket activity other than the operations you did with this lab

  • You are looking for three events, one for each of the test objects you uploaded. See the key field to see the test object names

  • You can also update the query to only look at the lab buckets. Add the following to your query

      filter requestParameters.bucketName like'crrlab'

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