Configure Execution Environment

Failure injection is a means of testing resiliency by which a specific failure type is simulated on a service and its response is assessed.

You have a choice of environments from which to execute the failure injections for this lab. Bash scripts are a good choice and can be used from a Linux command line. If you prefer Python, Java, Powershell, or C#, then instructions for these are also provided.

2.1 Setup AWS credentials and configuration

Your execution environment needs to be configured to enable access to the AWS account you are using for the workshop. This includes

  • Credentials - You identified these credentials back in step 1

    • AWS access key
    • AWS secret access key
    • AWS session token (used in some cases)
  • Configuration

    • Region: us-east-2
    • Default output: JSON

Note: us-east-2 is the Ohio region

If you already know how to configure these, please do so now. If you need help or if you are planning to use PowerShell for this lab, then follow these instructions

2.2 Set up the bash environment

Click here for instructions if using bash:

2.3 Set up the programming language environment (for Python, Java, C#, or PowerShell)

Choose the appropriate section below for your language

Click here for instructions if using Python:
Click here for instructions if using Java:
Click here for instructions if using C#:
Click here for instructions if using PowerShell: