Install AWS Tools for Powershell

The AWS documentation for AWS Tools for Powershell is here:

If you run into trouble using the instructions below, please consult the AWS documentation.

  1. Open Windows PowerShell using Run as administrator

  2. If you have not done so already, setup your AWS credentials

    • Configure your AWS credentials with the following PowerShell commands. Note that if you are using an instructor supplied AWS account, you must include the SessionToken flag and value as shown below in brackets (omit the brackets when running the command):
    Set-AWSCredentials -AccessKey <Your access key> -SecretKey <Your secret key> `
    [ -SessionToken <your session key> ] -StoreAs <SomeProfileName>
    Initialize-AWSDefaults -ProfileName <SomeProfileName> -Region us-east-2
  3. Run the following commands to install these respective packages using PowerShellGet. It is recommended you run these commands one by one. They will each require a response - you should respond [A] Yes to All.

    Install-Module -Name AWS.Tools.Common
    Install-Module -Name AWS.Tools.EC2
    Install-Module -Name AWS.Tools.RDS
    Install-Module -Name AWS.Tools.AutoScaling


If you get this error: Install-Module : Administrator rights are required to install modules..., then make sure you are running PowerShell as Administrator.

For other problems with authorization to access your AWS account, consult AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell - Using AWS Credentials

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