Verify Failover

Secondary Region

1.1 Click CloudFormation Stacks to navigate to the dashboard in N. California (us-west-1) region.

1.2 Choose the pilot-secondary stack.

1.3 Click the Outputs link.

1.4 Click on the WebsiteURL output link and open in a new browser tab or window.

If you do not see the Unishop webpage with all the products, it could be that the EC2 instance has not completed running the bootstrapping scripts. Continue to refresh the page until you see the Unishop webpage with all the products loaded.

Verify the Website

2.1 Log in to the application. You need to provide the registered email from the Pre-requisites > Primary Region section.

2.2 You should see items in your shopping cart that you added from the primary region N. Virginia (us-east-1).