When a regional service event affects the Unishop application in the primary region N. Virginia (us-east-1), we want to fail over to the secondary region N. California (us-west-1).

We will manually perform a series of tasks to failover our workload to our secondary region N. California (us-west-1).
In a production environment, we would automate these tasks as part of our failover process.

Simulating a Regional Service Event

We will now simulate a regional service event affecting the Unishop website in N. Virginia (us-east-1). We are going to achieve this by blocking public access to the S3 bucket that is hosting the website making the Unishop website unavailable.

1.1 Click S3 to navigate to the dashboard.

1.2 Click on the warm-primary-uibucket-xxxx link.

1.3 Click the Permissions link. In the Block public access (bucket settings) section, click the Edit button.

1.4 Enable the Block all public access checkbox, then click the Save changes button.

1.5 Type confirm, then click the Confirm button.

1.6 Click the Properties link.

1.7 In the Static website hosting section. Click on the Bucket website endpoint link.

1.8 You should get a 403 Forbidden error.

If you do not get a 403 Forbidden error, this might be due to caching. Please try refreshing the page or opening the website in a different browser or incognito mode to see the error.