DynamoDB Global Tables

When you create a DynamoDB global table, it consists of multiple replica tables (one per AWS Region) that DynamoDB treats as a single unit. Every replica has the same table name and the same primary key schema. When an application writes data to a replica table in one Region, DynamoDB propagates the write to the other replica tables in the other AWS Regions automatically.

We are going to configure DynamoDB global tables replicating from AWS Region N. Virginia (us-east-1) to AWS Region N. California (us-west-1).

If you are using your own AWS Account, you must wait for the Primary Region stack to successfully be created before moving on to this step.

Deploying Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables

1.1 Click DynamoDB to navigate to the dashboard in the N. Virginia (us-east-1) regions.

1.2 Click the Tables link.

1.3 Click the unishophotstandby link.

1.4 Click the Global Tables link, click the Create replica button.

1.5 Select US West (N. California) as the Available replication Regions, then click the Create replica button.

This might take a few minutes, feel free to move onto the next step. Just ensure the status is showing Active before Verify Websites step.

Congratulations! Your DynamoDB Global Tables have been created!