Getting Started

We will launch the same CloudFormation template in both the Primary N. Virginia (us-east-1) and Secondary N. California (us-west-1) regions. After the CloudFormation templates finish executing, we will configure Amazon S3 to host our static websites and utilize the Amazon RDS MySQL cluster, Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables, and Amazon CloudFront.

If you are using a personal AWS account, be aware that you will incur costs for the resources deployed in this workshop. Complete the cleanup steps at the end to minimize those costs.

If you are running this at a group event - please log in via Event Engine. The event host will provide the Instructions.

Allowing Amazon S3 Public Acess

Our application employs AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Static website hosting. To make the application available to Internet users, we must disable the AWS account policy that blocks public access.

1.1 Login to your AWS console . Go to the Amazon S3 console and Deactivate Block Public Access. Consider referencing this page or this video to find out more about this setting.

1.2 Using the search bar at the top, navigate to S3.

1.3 Click Block Public Access settings for this account.

1.4 If you see that “Block all public access” is “On,” then click on the “Edit” button to get to the next screen.

1.5 Uncheck “Block all public access,” including any child selections. Click the “Save Changes” button. You will be required to confirm the changes.

1.6 Type confirm and Click the Confirm button.