Deploy The AMI Builder Pipeline

In this section we will be building our Amazon Machine Image Pipeline leveraging EC2 Image Builder service. EC2 Image Builder is a service that simplifies the creation, maintenance, validation, sharing, and deployment of Linux or Windows Server images for use with Amazon EC2 and on-premises. Using this service, eliminates the automation heavy lifting you have to build in order to streamline the build and management of your Amazon Machine Image.

Upon completion of this section we will have an Image builder pipeline that will be responsible for taking a golden AMI Image, and produce a newly patched Amazon Machine Image, ready to be deployed to our application cluster, replacing the outdated one.

Section3 Pipeline Architecture Diagram

In this section you have the option to build the pipeline manually using AWS console, or if you are keen to complete the lab quickly, you can simply deploy from the cloudformation template.

Click here to build your pipeline using CloudFormation on the command line
Click here to build your pipeline using CloudFormation through the console
Click here to build your pipeline interactively

Now that you have completed the deployment of the Image Builder Pipeline, move to section 4 of the lab whre we will use Systems Manager to build the automation stage of the architecture.